Life is Crime
Life is Crime
Red Robot Labs Inc.
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Life is Crime
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Developer: Red Robot Labs Inc.
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$19.99 300 R2 Credits
$4.99 60 R2 Credits
$9.99 140 R2 Credits
$0.99 10 R2 Credits
$1.99 22 R2 Credits
$19.99 375 R2 Credits
$19.99 405 R2 Credits
$49.99 800 R2 Credits
$99.99 1700 R2 Credits
$4.99 75 R2 Credits
Turn real world locations into your criminal turf in Life is Crime!

REAL PLACES, VIRTUAL CRIME. LIFE IS CRIME IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND LOCATION-BASED GAME! **********************************************************

Build a criminal Reputation to become the most infamous Kingpin in Life is Crime. Dominate your turf by fighting for real locations against other criminals!


Life is Crime FEATURES:

- Massively Multiplayer Online Location Based RPG!
- Build your REP to become Kingpin
- Fight real players for real locations (PVP)!
- Real world maps transformed to a criminal world
- Persistent game world grows as you play
- Deal packages at real locations
- Collect your daily protection money
- Start a gang for live chat and Rep bonuses
- Compete together in gang events for EPIC prizes
- Find new players by location
- 2 Million+ locations to compete for
- 1000+ equipable weapons and gear
- 50+ location missions
- 100+ real world landmarks to dominate
- Friend invite system with twitter & facebook
- Send and receive daily free gifts
- Discover new players where you live
- R2Gamefeed lets you share, get help, or assist others


Awarded Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Game Apps of 2011!,,20326356_20553634,00.html#21091874

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