Angry Piggy℗
Angry Piggy℗
Ourpalm Co., Ltd.
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Angry Piggy℗
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Developer: Ourpalm Co., Ltd.
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$79.99 Unlock Extreme invincible spree (70%off)
$5.99 Unlock Ghost Mode
$0.99 Gold Eggs X 2
$9.99 Unlock King Mode
$39.99 Unlock Terminator Mode
$0.99 Unlock The cabin World
$4.99 Unlock Ghost Mode
$59.99 Unlock Novice spree (30%off)
$2.99 Remove Ads
$0.99 TNT X 2
No longer will we tolerate those evil birds taking what’s ours! Our time is NOW!.

Unite. Stand Tall Brave Piggy and FIGHT for your Homeland!

Those darn birds are slowly taking over your beautiful Piggy homestead. You goal is to escape their evil bird clutches, gobble up their eggs scare them away.
Once released from their cages, those nasty birds will hunt you down. And when they do, you will lose a life. Eat up Golden eggs for a variety of strength boosting props and outsmart your enemy every way possible.

Game Highlights
●Endless Fun, Hilarious Cartoon Profiles to Choose from
●Enticing Story line filled with Cute, Colorful characters.
●Hundreds of challenging stages, providing ours of fun game play.
●Exciting new game play with elements of Puzzle, Strategy and Adventure.
●Catchy soundtrack which will leave you humming Piggy tunes all day long.

Send your great ideas, questions and feedback to us at and receive the chance to score an honorable mention in game credit updates.
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