Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography
Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography
Inkling Systems, Inc.
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Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography
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Stop using the Auto setting on your fancy DSLR camera! “Master Your DSLR Camera” is a how-to guide made exclusively for the iPad that combines the depth of a traditional book with stunning multimedia not possible on paper.

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★★★★★ USA TODAY “Designed for beginners, the language is fun and easy to follow... Master Your DSLR Camera is an invaluable companion for amateur photographers looking to get more out of their gear.”

★★★★★ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL “Interactive iPad Book Brings DSLR Camera Lessons to Life... the slickly designed book includes material like videos, tours, slideshows and cheat sheets for common shooting scenarios.”

★★★★★ TUAW: Best of 2011 iPad Photography App Runner-up... “An absolutely luscious interactive book... If you have an interest in photography and want to know more, Master Your DSLR Camera is the best purchase you can make.”

★★★★★ WIRED “If you just got a new SLR, or you have had one for years and never shifted it off the “green square” idiot mode, then this could be a great way to spend $10.”

★★★★★ FAST COMPANY “Interactivity and instant feedback are the best ways to learn any new skill, and Master Your DSLR Camera marshalls all of the iPad's tapping, touching, swiping multimedia horsepower to get its points across.”

• Bring Home a Professional •
Through in-depth HD video tutorials, Pulitzer Prize finalist and former White House photojournalist Mary F. Calvert helps you take control of your powerful DSLR camera, and walks you through the process of seeing the beautiful photos hidden from the untrained eye, while also capturing the moments that could have easily passed you by.

• Cut Through the Jargon •
Take advantage of the iPad’s best features by tapping, swiping, and sliding your way through seemingly inaccessible concepts like aperture, shutter speed, focal length and ISO. Explore interactive guided tours of the camera, inside and out, and manipulate camera settings in the book to see the image transform right before your eyes.

• Conquer Any Scenario •
Learn professional tricks like how to freeze droplets of water in midair and perfectly blur the background of a bridal photo. Manage movement and light, properly set up your shots, and use our quick-reference cheat sheets to master 25 common shooting scenarios, including:
✓ Children
✓ Pets
✓ Travel & Architecture
✓ Nighttime, Sunsets & Fireworks
✓ Parties & Weddings
✓ Nature & Wildlife
✓ Sports

• Troubleshooting •
Fix common problems like blurry images, uneven lighting, distortion, and discoloration.

• Learn From Experts •
Written by David Becker, veteran technology journalist who has covered photography and digital imaging for publications including Wired, CNET, Men’s Journal and Macworld.

Video tutorials by Mary F. Calvert, who worked eleven years as a staff photographer for The Washington Times, covering Congress, political campaigns, and the White House. Mary was a finalist in 2007 for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography for her work in sub-Saharan Africa, and in 2008 was honored with the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in International Photography for reporting in India.

• Also Includes •
✓ 300 stunning photographs from more than a dozen professional photographers
✓ 30 interactive slideshows and guided tours
✓ Expert-curated buying guide, with more than 150 recommended lenses, external flashes, tripods, cases, image-editing software, apps, and books
✓ Quick-reference glossary and pop-up tips with key terms and definitions accessible throughout
✓ Ability to bookmark, highlight, take margin notes and easily search
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