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IronTrac (View in iTunes)
Developer: Big Island Software, LLC
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Tired of trying to navigate the Ironman (™) web site on race day to track your friends and family members? Have you ever wanted to follow more than one participant at the same time? What if there was an easier way, specifically designed to look great on your iPhone?
Now there is. Welcome to IronTrac.

IronTrac allows spectators to track multiple athletes during Ironman (™) triathlons, both full distance and 70.3 events. Search for participants, and then add them to your Watch List. You can then keep up with their progress throughout the day.

Athletes can also use IronTrac to look up past event results for comparison purposes.

- The Watch List is organized by Ironman (™) event, making it easy to follow multiple participants simultaneously on race day.
- Find participants by last name or bib number. You can enter all or part of their last name.
- Results will be updated every time you select an athlete from your watch list.
- Search for participants using past races. You can then add to the Watch List to view past results for comparison purposes.
- Use the Feedback button to send us any comments or suggestions for future updates.
- Post results right to Facebook and Twitter!

1. Where does IronTrac get it's data?
The data presented in IronTrac is retrieved from Ironman (™) Live, so if Ironman (™) Live experiences any technical difficulties, IronTrac will also be effected.
2. Why does IronTrac keep saying "No Athletes Found"?
Ironman (™) does not make race data available until very close to the race start, so searches may be unsuccessful until just before the race start.
3. Why isn't IronTrac able to find the athlete I'm searching for?
Sometimes you may need to search using only the first few letters of the name instead of the entire name. This is an Ironman (™) issue, not an IronTrac issue.
4. Why does Arizona IM not use the current year?
Arizona race data is posted in the following year due to the way Ironman (™) tracks this event. For example, for the event in calendar year 2011, select year 2012.
5. Why is my phone saying I need iOS5 when trying to buy IronTrac?
iOS 5 or higher required to use IronTrac. Please upgrade your phone to the latest version of iOS.
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