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Gelbe Seiten für iPad
Gelbe Seiten für iPad
GelbeSeiten Marketing GmbH
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Gelbe Seiten für iPad
Gelbe Seiten für iPad (View in iTunes)
Developer: GelbeSeiten Marketing GmbH
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Exam and study help - Finance revision notes at your finger tips - get ready for exams and coursework. We take the hard work out of revision. Topics covered include ratios, financial statements, costing and break-even.

Study SMART Finance is a comprehensive and concise finance study/revision aid or guide for students, managers and business owners.

A unique feature of this App is the ability to add your own study/revision notes, which allows it to become your personalised finance study resource. Notes can be added using the notes key pad or they can be copied and pasted from another document.

* Over 200 concise finance study notes/ flashcards containing theory, diagrams, tables and worked examples.
* Ability to add personal study notes to each topic.
* Ability to copy and paste notes into the notes section for each topic.
* Easy to use navigation and interface.
* Universally relevant content

All content has been developed in conjunction with leading business academics and finance specialists.

When to use Study SMART Finance
* Study preparation
* Revision
* Assignments
* Managing a business/organisation

Topics covered include:
* Accounting theory
* Balance sheets
* Breakeven
* Budgeting
* Business costs
* Cash flow forecasts
* Cash flow management
* Cash flow statements
* Costing
* Depreciation
* Exchange rates
* Financial statements
* Inflation
* Investment appraisal
* Investment ratios
* Pricing
* Profit and loss accounts
* Ratio analysis
* Sales forecasts
* Sources of finance
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