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Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad. free.
Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad. free.
Clear Sky Apps LTD
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Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad. free.
Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad. free. (View in iTunes)
Developer: Clear Sky Apps LTD
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Color Coded Notes and a Voice Recorder, the perfect app for quick notes, lecture notes, business notes, and day to day notes.

The fastest way to take notes - type them, record them, or both at the same time.

Super Note is the most beautiful and useful notes app you've ever seen on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. This awesome little app helps you create quick notes very rapidly, and also make quick voice recordings during. The notes are color coded so you can identify them in a split second, and you can swipe through them to go from one to the other.

Super Note is extremely useful for any occasion where you need to take notes and make recordings: Meetings, Interviews, Lectures, Shopping Lists, To-Do Lists, Task tracking, Taking Quick Notes, Conversations, Music Sessions, and many more. Its simply one of the most useful apps you will ever have!

---- TYPED NOTES ----
● The easiest way to take notes or record
● Copy / Paste / Spell Check / Languages, and everything else you'd expect from a great text editor (Super Note) app.
● Color coded note templates
● Topic related note templates
● Change color / template on the fly
● Swipe left/right to switch to other notes
● Sort by date or alphabetically

---- AUDIO NOTES ----
● Make high quality audio recordings
● Record or Take notes - or both at the same time!
● Pause and continue your recording session
● Playback recordings while typing

● Set reminders on your notes
● Alerts pop up even if app is closed

● Download notes to computer through WiFi
● Download reordings to computer through WiFi
● Send notes to yourself via email
● Send recordings to yourself via email
● Share notes in Facebook
● Share note sections in Twitter

Tested & Approved on all Apple product models:
✔ Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad
✔ Certified on all product models including the latest iPhone 4S, iPod 4, and iPad
★ Built using Apple recommended methods ★

---- FREE VERSION ----
● Up to 4 notes
● Unlimited recording length

♥ Dear customers, we are here for you! Questions? Comments? Support? just drop us a mail to
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