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Machine World
Machine World
Trino AB
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Machine World
Machine World (View in iTunes)
Developer: Trino AB
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Drive, fly and operate cool machines that behave like the real thing - in Machine World! #1 App in several countries!

Machine World is a big sandbox on your iPad, 10 different machines to learn to operate and have fun with!

Current machines: Tracked Excavator, Wheeled Excavator, Dumper, Semi truck, Semi trailer, Mobile crane, Freight ship, Ferry, Rescue Helicopter, Terrain Vehicle and a Rescue Ship.

The world is fully interactive. Dig anywhere and the terrain will deform - create holes, trenches or hills.* The roads are also destructible! There are also lots of details. An opening bridge with gates and signals, lots of props like cones and road blocks - and parts to build with.

The controls have two modes - one easy mode suitable for children or casual play and one realistic mode (with different control standards, SAE & ISO).

Spoken help is always just a tap away. Easy to learn, harder to master. Loved by adults and kids everywhere!

View the gameplay video at, where you can also follow the development of new (free) updates!

** #1 Game in Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and others*. Top Simulation & Kids game in over 30 countries! **

"Machine World is just a blast with the boys as they suddenly have a handful of remote controlled vehicles to be driven around virtual worlds. Instantly addictive and fun!" - Recommendation by

Optimized for Retina Display on the new iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

** Device recommendations and download info **

Runs on all iPads! iPad second or third generation recommended for better graphics. Runs on iPhone 3GS and up, iPhone 4s recommended for better graphics and performance.
May require wifi connection to download.

** Known issue **
Please note that we have a few reports of performance problems in some situations on certain iPod 4 and iPhone 4 devices. A fix for this will be arriving in an update soon.

** Help us shape the future and help you **

Please get in touch! Request features or new vehicles! And let us know if you have any problems. We work for you! Just click the website/support link on this page.

* Terrain deformation (deforming terrain, holes/trenches) is supported on the huge new map. The classic maps support digging, but not deforming the terrain.
#1 refers to top positions held for more than 2 weeks in February.
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