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Buy Me a Pie! Classic - Grocery Shopping List
Buy Me a Pie! Classic - Grocery Shopping List
National Business Group Ltd
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Buy Me a Pie! Classic - Grocery Shopping List
Buy Me a Pie! Classic - Grocery Shopping List (View in iTunes)
Developer: National Business Group Ltd
Game Center: No
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To make planning your Fourth of July holiday a breeze, we're making our Buy Me A Pie! shopping list app free (regular price $2.99). Download it now to take advantage of this limited time offer (June 27th thru July 4)! Enjoy it and have a great 4th of July!

How many times have you returned from a store only to realize you've forgotten something? This beautifully designed app allows you to make lists and sync it with your family's iOS devices so they can add items on the go.

Why you need this app:

✔ Saves Time: With the list to hand you spend less time shopping.
✔ Saves Money: With the shopping list prepared in advance you only buy what you need.
✔ Saves the Environment: Reduce paper usage by using our app.

Top features:

✔ Automatic synchronization: Keep your lists in sync with those of your family or friends.
✔ Multi-platform: Use it on iPhone, iPad and just about any device by going to website.
✔ Simplicity: The app is designed so that even kids can use it.
✔ Smart grouping: Items can be automatically grouped within the list using our unique color labeling system.
✔ Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter.
✔ Word prompter: The app will automatically suggest a word upon entering a few letters so you can quickly add items to a list.
✔ Create and manage multiple lists.
✔ Send your lists via text message or email.
✔ Easily duplicate your lists.
✔ Pull up the list to clear all checked items.
✔ Use 'pinch' to navigate your lists.
✔ Tap the time bar to scroll up the list.

Download this app now to improve your daily/weekly shopping!
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