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Taste of Home Magazine
Taste of Home Magazine
Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
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Taste of Home Magazine
Taste of Home Magazine (View in iTunes)
Developer: Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$14.99 Taste of Home
$1.99 Taste of Home
$3.99 TOH August/September 2012
$3.99 Taste of Home April/May 2012
$3.99 Taste of Home June/July 2012
$3.99 Taste of Home February 2012
Cook like you’ve never cooked before! The iPad edition of Taste of Home is now available! Download our app free of charge and then purchase individual copies, starting with our inaugural February/March 2012 issue. Or subscribe and have the magazine of the world’s largest community of home cooks delivered straight to your tablet without missing a single reader-submitted, test-kitchen approved recipe, all guaranteed to work in your kitchen and your life.

Get a one-month FREE trial when you sign up for a year of uninterrupted taste-testing for just $14.99 or start a monthly subscription for just $1.99. Single issues are available for just $3.99. And check this out: Current subscribers to the Taste of Home print edition get access to iPad editions free for 6 months. To get your 6 months of free access, download our app and then tap on “Current Magazine Subscriber” to get started.

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