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Feed The Monster - Huminah Huminah Animation
Feed The Monster - Huminah Huminah Animation
huminah huminah animation
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Feed The Monster - Huminah Huminah Animation
Feed The Monster - Huminah Huminah Animation (View in iTunes)
Developer: huminah huminah animation
Game Center: No
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Description iOS Readers Choice Awards dual winner for Best Game and Best Kids App!

The ultimate 3D Monster Maker for kids of all ages… with fun animated Monster games.

It’s lunchtime at Hungry Monster High and the Monsters are out of control. Create your own Monster and join in the fun. Save up to 5 of your own original Monsters. Feed them, poke them and laugh at your Monster’s funny antics, even play games with your Monster. Introducing the Monsters Spike, Chomp, Nibble, Mooch and more!

Critics are saying…

"Feed the Monster taps into a child’s desire to play as well as to create." ~ PadGadget

"My 2 year old thinks this is the funniest app ever!" ~ Little Big Thinkers

“Feed the Monster is an addicting app for young and old alike.” ~ theiPhoneMom

"A super cute game guaranteed to thrill little kids and a ton of fun to create your 
own monsters and see them through a bunch of different challenges." ~ Famigo

"My Preschool kids thought this was hilarious." ~ Mommie911

"Keep your kids entertained for hours on end" ~AppAdvice

"Feed the Monster is a great combination of fun and slap-stick comedy that will appeal to young children and remind the really tall kids of a time when silly was always the best."

Beware … these funny 3D Monsters have no manners, they burp, they fart …they explode! Feed your Monster “special foods” for really funny & comical reactions …
Uh-oh … pepper makes the Monster “sneeze” … and more SURPRISES!

Easy to play with simple “Tap & Touch” control. “Poke Monster” for Funny reactions.

Feed the Monster Highlights:
Monster Creator
Feeding Frenzy
Merge Machine
Food Fight game
Food Catch game
Special Foods for special Monster reactions

In Feed the Monster, help your Monster stuff his face until he explodes into 5 tiny monsters!! Now you have to catch all of the tiny monsters and stuff them into the merging machine, which will let you create a whole new monster

Of course anytime there’s a lot of face-stuffing going on, there’s sure to be a food fight just around the corner. Join in the Food Fight game, pitting your Monster against another monster.

* Food Fight Hint – the weight of the food will be the deciding factor in getting food into the opposing Monsters mouth. Hold finger down longer to throw food higher and farther.

Free updates … Coming Soon … Achievement Awards & ability to unlock new Monsters and new Monster parts.

Feed the Monster is based on the original, and most popular, online game featured on This easy to play app is the ultimate Feed the Monster game with lots of Monsters to interact with.

No in-app purchases, ads or tracking!

Feed the Monster was created by ZiggityZoom and developed by Huminah Huminah Animation. Copyright 2011 ZiggityZoom LLC. All rights reserved.

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