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myPassBox Pro
myPassBox Pro
Oscar David Apps
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myPassBox Pro
myPassBox Pro (View in iTunes)
Developer: Oscar David Apps
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myPassBox Pro is an information manager that let's you store private Logins, Notes, Photos and Contacts that you want to keep away from people who occasionally handle your phone and have access to all of the information stored in it, or to keep safe in case your phone is stolen.

Feel free to let people borrow your iPhone or iPod Touch again, now you know there's nothing to worry about!

NEW: iCloud support for Notes and Contacts!

These are some of the features included in myPassBox Pro:

• Store all kinds of logins, you can access your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other accounts you have, straight from the app's built-in web browser! It's great for people who is very active on social networks.

• Store all those contacts that you care about and don't want to give away if you loose your phone or if someone steels it. You can import the contact information that you already have on your phone. You also have tons of ways to interact with them right from the app!

• Store those photos that you don't have an explanation for having them yet. You can import multiple photos at once from the camera roll fast and easy.

• Store those important notes that you need to keep with you at all times. You can even mark them as To-Do's!

• myPassBox Pro's sample Login, Note, Photo and Contact will help you get familiar with what you can do.

• Supports multitasking feature, so you can quickly return to the app at any time.

• You can set up a passcode to keep your information safe and for your eyes only.

• And just in case you forget your passcode, the passcode hint will help you remember!

• If your information is strictly confidential and you would rather destroy it before giving it away, you can choose to delete all of the information stored in myPassBox Pro after 10 failed passcode attempts.


Calling and Texting features are only available for iPhone.
Internet connection is required for sending emails and using the app's built-in web browser.
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