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iMob 2
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Developer: Space X Game LLC
Game Center: No
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$4.99 310 Respect
$19.99 1400 Respect
$1.99 Hitman Class
$99.99 8000 Respect
$4.99 420 Respect
$4.99 440 Respect
$9.99 1030 Respect
$4.99 340 Respect
$9.99 1010 Respect
$59.99 5600 Respect
#1 ACTION STRATEGY SOCIAL MMO game - Rated Most Engaging MMORPG!!

★★★★★ Be the iMob BOSS of your Online Family, Alliance, City or the entire World! Fight Online with rival Mobs, Diss them, Kick them in the face & Mark your territory!!

★★★★★ Build & grow your MOB, FAMILY & ALLIANCE. Team-up & Form Massive Attacks! Earn PRESTIGE by DESTROYING your ENEMIES to become the Top Boss with MILLIONS of PLAYERS!

★★★★★ Play 5 Online Social Casino Games to WIN MOST DANGEROUS WEAPONS & Become Vegas Boss – Slots, Spin2Win, Video Poker, Keno, Scratchers! WIN JACKPOTS for BILLIONS! Casino MASTERY for even MORE REWARDS & WINNINGS!!

★★★★★ Find & Hangout with Friends, STRATEGIZE ATTACKS in CHAT with your Mob, Family, Alliance, Group Chat, 1-on-1 Chat & the Entire World, Smack-Talk & KILL ENEMIES MORE!

This is an Online game, iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi. Supported for iOS 3.0 & later
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