Geared 2!
Geared 2!
Bryan Mitchell
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Geared 2!
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Developer: Bryan Mitchell
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Play the sequel to the #1 Paid Game in 53 countries!
Over 18 Million downloads of Geared Games!

TOUCHARCADE - "A great sequel"
POCKET GAMER - "Beautifully simple gameplay."
GAMEPRO - "A must-buy."

Geared 2 is the follow up to Geared, an original physics based puzzle game that took the world by storm.

Unlike other gear-based games, Geared 2 has no restrictive snap-grid, delivering total freedom to the player. Overcome obstacles and more in this simple but brilliant spatial puzzle.

Features (v1.0):
- 500 total levels!
- Varying difficulty; Easy to near-impossible.
- A Level Editor / Uploader / Downloader.
- User Submitted Levels!
- New Gears, new look!
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