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inaCatalogo - Inase Informática
inaCatalogo - Inase Informática
Inase Informatica del Mediterraneo S.L.
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inaCatalogo - Inase Informática
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Developer: Inase Informatica del Mediterraneo S.L.
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Logic learning for even the youngest child.

Turn your young ones loose with this application and you will be amazed at how quickly they learn not just their basic Shapes and Colors but also logically identify them in the world around them.

Yellow is identified as both the Color and as a Yellow Object so your child will start to identify Yellow objects in their world.

Professional audio with each screen allows children the freedom to learn and enjoy on their own.

Key Features:

+ Learn the basic colors and shapes (12 colors, 14 shapes).

+ Choose the advanced setting and learn colors and shapes of common household and world objects.

+ Turn on the audio feature and learn how to pronounce each color and shape.

+ Choose to learn one category at a time or mix them all up for advanced learning.

"Wow, I’m amazed how fast my 1 year old picked up on his colors and shapes after only a week of playing this game. Amazing!" –Shelly D. (proud mom)

"Do you guys also offer animal flashcards? My kids have never picked up on something this fast. Thank you!" – Todd K.

Also check out our other educational games:
+ WILD ANIMALS will have you swinging from the trees and laughing like a Hyena!
+ FARM FRIENDS for a good time down on the farm.
+ BUG PARADE will make your skin crawl.
+ HOCKEY HEAD 2 HEAD. Not educational but a great air hockey game.
+ FULL TILT - fun and challenging puzzle game.

Questions or Suggestions?
Simply email us at and we’ll help you right away. As any good educator can tell you - listening is more than half of the solution - our big ears are ready for what you have to say.

Keywords: Shapes, Colors, Education, Children, Kids, Logic, Pre School, Learning, Fun, Family, Toddler.
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