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Beesy - Notas y tareas para reuniones
Beesy - Notas y tareas para reuniones
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Beesy - Notas y tareas para reuniones
Beesy - Notas y tareas para reuniones (View in iTunes)
Developer: BeesApps
Game Center: No
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- Fastly take your business notes with your iPad
- Save time with easy professional meeting minutes
- Automatically Follow-up on meeting notes tasks in Beesy To-Do manager. Beesy understands your notes, automatically generates To-Do list and keep track of tasks in every meeting you attend.

Beesy is a structured iPad note taking app with an automated iPad To-Do organizer. It syncs with your calendars and address book.

Beesy aims at making meeting notes easier and reuse 100% of your iPad notes afterwards, be it for:
- meeting minutes
- To-Do
- people To-do review
- project review

And it also aims at easily maintaining the information up-to-date: if during a people review, tasks are updated, it will show as well in every other view accessing this tasks.

Hence this apps is designed for people who handle tasks, who don't want to spend time to generate To-Do but need to follow-upk on them to achieve their goals or for customers:
- managers
- project managers
- sales people
- any other position where using information from meeting notes is a time saver.

Aside from that, Beesy adds a number of features to help you be more efficient taking notes with iPad and with your To-Do:
- autocomplete iPad note feature that learns from your lexical content, contact or projects
- on-demand To-Do per meeting, per type of task, per contact, per project
- on-demand Task sub-filtering in any of the previous view with another angle. For example, for a given project, sort your tasks per contact.
- two-finger drag&drop to assign tasks to different context: drag a task on a project, it will reassign itself to this project ... Works on people, meeting, topic, project.
- CSV export for external analysis
- Integrated To-Do reports: urgent/important matrix, graph reports
- Taking note on iPad is now contextual: everything you type in your note is automatically tied to the current context: contact / due date / project / meeting so that you can focus on the meeting itself. No need to set-up 20 different menus.
- template based task: every note can be a task and derive from a template: action, send a document, call someone, idea ... For every type of task, pre-defined values for task configuration ensure that you don't have to worry about setting everything up during the meeting.
- you can draw, access a web page or log a location.
- Access your iPad calendar in the app and create a note from calendar. It will automatically try to find meeting participants and link your notes to your calendar.

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