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HVC Viewer
HVC Viewer
Hoya Holdings NV
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HVC Viewer
HVC Viewer (View in iTunes)
Developer: Hoya Holdings NV
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Combine efficient business with the freedom to go wherever you please with the Hoya Vision Consultant Viewer application for your iPad. This is the first app with fully interactive Augmented Reality for the perfect, consumer-oriented sales consultation. A simple way of making the visual effects of different spectacle lenses easier to understand for spectacle wearers. Your clients can instantly see the difference in performance between lenses in a ‘real life’ situation. Anytime, anywhere.... In your practice or testing room.

The Hoya Vision Consultant Viewer application consists of five modules:

Module 1: Progressive lenses
•Demonstrate the difference in performance across the range of progressive designs.
•Depending on designs, fields of view and areas of distortion will change.
•Easily adjust the lens power and addition to represent the clients prescription.

Module 2: Single vision lenses
•Demonstrate the difference between a bi-aspherical, aspherical and standard designs.
•Show how different distortion levels may affect visual and binocular perception.
•For a more precise experience, you can adjust the sphere, cylindrical power and axis of the lens.

Module 3: Indoor lenses
•Explain the variety of indoor solutions available based on the functional needs of your clients, from standard reading glasses to the most sophisticated premium indoor lens.
•The visual representation will adapt based on the chosen design.

Module 4: Anti-Reflection coatings
•Easily demonstrate the benefits of an anti-reflection coating in terms of comfort, such as glare reduction, contrast improvement and increased sharpness of vision.

Module 5: Polarised lenses
•Show how polarised lenses enhance visual contrast and reduce glare creating increased wearer comfort.

Module 6: Photochromic Lenses
•This feature highlights the benefits of wearing photochromic lenses demonstrating how comfortable and natural vision can be achieved in all lighting conditions.
•Compare the performances between clear and photochromic lenses (available in brown and grey).

Let your customer ‘experience’ the variety of lens options in order to choose the best lens for their visual needs.

All the features at your fingertips!

Visit your Hoyanet website or contact your local Hoya area sales manager for further information.
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