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Geek Quiz - Mark Bridges
Geek Quiz - Mark Bridges
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Geek Quiz - Mark Bridges
Geek Quiz - Mark Bridges (View in iTunes)
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A top 5 trivia app in 20 countries!!

Put your nerd knowledge to the test with Geek Quiz. This app is full to capacity with interesting trivia from the world of technology, computing, science, space, video games and science fiction. You can compete locally with either the pass & play mode or the buzz in game or play one of the three single player modes and see how you stack up against players around the world with the online leader boards.

Features include:
5 Modes of Play
Game Center Online Leaderboards
Two Player Pass & Play + Buzzer Game Modes
Over 300 Questions
Universal App for iPhone & iPad

Quick Test
This mode is just for warming up. You’ll get 10 questions and a score out of 10 at the end. You can skip a question by swiping left.

Biggest Geek Test
This mode tests how many questions you can answer correctly before running out of lives. You have 3 lives, one deducted for each wrong answer, and 2 skips which are accessed by swiping left over the question. As always you have 15 seconds per question, if you run out of time on a question it’s game over. Scores can be submitted to the Game Center Leaderboard at the end.

Fastest Geek Test
This mode tests how many questions you can answer correctly in 2 minutes. You get 1 point for a correct answer but lose a point for each answer you get wrong. You have 2 skips, accessed by swiping left on the question, as always you have 15 seconds per question. Scores can be submitted to the Game Center Leaderboard at the end.

2 Player Buzz In
This mode is for when you’re sitting with a fellow geek at your side. The player sitting to the left of the device is red and the player sitting to the right is blue. 15 Questions are displayed and players need to buzz in to answer. You buzz in by pressing your half of the screen on the iPhone or the buzzer buttons if you’re playing on the iPad. Once you’ve buzzed the buttons change to your colour to show you have control and can select an answer. If you’re correct you get one point but lose one if you’re wrong.

2 Player Pass & Play
This is a two player mode where players take it in turn to answer questions. You play best of three rounds, with three questions for each player in each round. Red player starts first, in the event of a draw at the end of a round, the fastest player wins.

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Any feedback or suggestions for features will be greatly appreciated for future updates.
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