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TrailMix Pro – Run with Music
TrailMix Pro – Run with Music
Resonant Technologies, LLC
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TrailMix Pro – Run with Music
TrailMix Pro – Run with Music (View in iTunes)
Developer: Resonant Technologies, LLC
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Step to the beat like magic! TrailMix uses cutting-edge technology to dynamically remix your favorite songs so that the pulse of the music mirrors your stride, even when you speed up or slow down!

★★★★★ – "Awesome idea. Exceptional execution. And a great user interface. Completely worth the price and highly recommended."


• Automatically detects your footsteps while in your pocket or armband.
• Continuously adjusts the playback tempo to match your current pace.
• Works with your favorite songs instantly - no setup required.
• Beautifully crafted, incredibly intuitive interface.
• Works anywhere, from the trail to the treadmill.
• Truly magical. You won't believe your ears.


When you play a song TrailMix digitally "listens" along with you and locates the beats in just a few seconds. Then, TrailMix uses the built-in accelerometer to detect your footsteps, remixing the tempo to perfectly match your pace. TrailMix continually adjusts the tempo so that when you speed up or slow down the music matches your new pace in an instant.

And while a dizzying amount of advanced technology powers TrailMix, the familiar interface lets you listen to music no differently than how you're used to. The entire process is so automatic you'd think it was magic – just pick a song, put your device in a pocket or armband, and experience the joy of music that adjusts with your every movement.

Destinations will seem closer because the distance flies by when you're having fun – step to the beat as you walk to school or work, stroll to a nearby store, or even just explore a park.


TrailMix makes it feel like the pulse of your music is directly powering your movement, allowing you to go faster and further with less effort. According to scientific research, "synchronizing movements with music enables athletes to perform more efficiently, resulting in greater endurance." [Karageorghis, C., & Priest, D. (2008). Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application. The Sport Journal.]

Although TrailMix includes an automatic pace detector, it's also possible to set the pace manually, allowing you to work out at a single consistent pace.


TrailMix uses professional audio-stretching technology to dynamically change the playback tempo without distorting the pitch or significantly altering the stereo image or audio fidelity. Your songs will sound like they were originally produced at whatever your current pace happens to be - it's truly magical!

SUPPORTED MEDIA – While TrailMix will play all of the standard audio formats – MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, and AAC – music purchased from the iTunes store will only work if it is the newer iTunes Plus format, which is higher quality and free of digital rights management (DRM). iTunes Plus was first introduced in May of 2007 and any songs bought after April 2009 are guaranteed to be in the format. *iTunes is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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