Smash Dude®
Smash Dude®
Firezoo Ltd
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Smash Dude®
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Developer: Firezoo Ltd
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#149 Top Free iPad Apps Entertainment
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$2.99 Unlock Available Weapons
$0.99 Bag of Gold
$2.99 Box of Gold
$4.99 Crate of Gold
$19.99 Gold Mine
$9.99 Vault of Gold
Introducing Smash Dude, your personal wooden punching buddy for ultimate interactive stress relief. Smack, electrocute, shoot, tickle or set him on fire!

Funny Weapons:
• Lightning Bolts - Shock your Smash Dude!
• Paintball Gun - Shoot colorful paintballs!
• Guns - Pistol, Shotgun and Uzi Gun
• Fire - Crank up the heat and make him sweat!
• Beat 'em up - Kung-pow your Smash Dude!
• Tickle - Rub his belly for gut busting laughter!
• Bandage - Heal his bruises
• Nail Gun - Shoot him with nails

It's simply hilarious! Download now!
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