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Air Wings®
Air Wings® (View in iTunes)
Developer: Pangea Software, Inc.
Game Center: Yes
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$0.99 Plane Pack #1
$0.99 Plane Pack #2
$1.99 Plane Pack #3
$1.99 Level Pack #1
$0.99 Level Pack #2
• Online Multiplayer Battles with Voice Chat!
• AirPlay support!
• Game Controller support!
• 64-bit accelerated!

Air Wings is a flying battle game where you pilot a paper airplane and shoot your network opponents using crazy weaponry such as the spit wads, rubber bands, heat seeking pencils, firecracker bombs, and suction cups.

The game is incredibly fun as you fly around trying to gather as much weaponry as possibly while avoiding your opponents! There are 15 different airplanes to choose from including a totally cool balsa airplane with a rubberband powered propeller, and there are 20 different Multiplayer Battle levels to play in.