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NCAA® March Madness® Live
NCAA® March Madness® Live
Turner Sports
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NCAA® March Madness® Live
NCAA® March Madness® Live (View in iTunes)
Developer: Turner Sports
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Monthly published Autotech magazine.

'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.'

Today, cars can really promote the technological developments of the world. Reformation of cars, which requires a real rebirth today, means new construction materials, new energy resources, new manufacturing process, new kind of communication between the car-to-car and car-to-X and increased traffic safety. And this also includes a lot of space technology, nanotechnology and the complete treasury of energetics. The complexity of 21st century cars means at the same time that a craftsman is not able to 'learn the car' today. For a mechanic, it is also makes difficulties to be up-to-date in general and in some special fields, so having thorough and current work information about e.g. the diesel technology, the comfort electronics or the dynamic drive control. The worked-up, interpreted information has the real value and can be relatively easily used during repair work (and through this, during tuning and car production). AutoTech follows this kind of information servicing philosophy.
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