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LensLight is a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in lighting effects.

LensLight is your portable light studio for your photos. With LensLight, you can accentuate your photos with various lighting effects.
- Bokeh
- LensFlares

- Light Leaks

- Spotlights

You can easily customize each effect and create multiple layers of effects.

Bokeh occur for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field, causing the characteristic glowing circular shapes. The Bokeh effects are completely interactive allowing you to adjust the Bokeh size, rotation, and density.

A light leak is an area within a camera where extra light is able to shine in, causing the film to over-expose. This is often due to cheap cameras that aren't perfectly sealed. These can be used to provide interesting framing around your subject.

Several lens flare elements are also included such as glints, spikes, sparkles, and streaks.

LensLight includes light sources such as spotlights, light rays, cloud rays, and light cones.

You can further customize your photos with unique Lens Textures. These add a realistic glass surface to give your photos extra depth and style.

LensLight - Bring Your Photos To Life

Max Output Resolution: 3072x3072 pixels (9 MP)

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