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Recorder Plus + HD
Recorder Plus + HD
guan bin
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Recorder Plus + HD
Recorder Plus + HD (View in iTunes)
Developer: guan bin
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$4.99 Upgrade for professionals
New Generation Audio Recorder: Easy to record, Easy to review, Easy to edit, Easy to share!

Your ultimate solution for audio recording on iPad because of the following key features.

***Best recording quality!***
***The recording time length only depends on the disk space and battery power!***
***Support recording with bluetooth headset and external mic!***
***Support playback with AirPlay!***
***Auto backup recording to Google Drive, extremely safe!***

This App can be used to:
(1)voice recording / sound recording / audio recording
(2)edit audio files / merge audio files by cut, copy, paste
(3)lecture notes / meeting rec / field recorder
(4)bluetooth recording

1.Easy to Record:
(1)Support input with Bluetooth headset, external mic, linein, usb audio
(2)Real-time display of recording waveform
(3)Auto Pause: Recorder will pause automaticlly when no sound is around and start automaticlly when sound is coming. You can adjust sensitivity(threshold) to accomodate environment noise better. This feature will save your editing time and storage space greatly.
(4)Adjust Input Gain: Maybe the sound is too low for recording, adjust input gain can make your recording better.

2.Easy to Review:
(1)Use markers to quickly select a specific audio position
(2)Support playback with AirPlay.

3.Easy to Edit:
(1)Cut, Copy, Paste, Redo, Undo. Animation shows the editing process
(2)non destructive editing

4.Easy to Share:
(1)Share with WiFi:No needs of any extra software to be installed on your computer. just a browser(IE, chrome or firefox, etc) is ok
(2)iTunes Sync: Export recordings with iTunes.
(3)Open In: transfer audio files from/to other App which support "Open In" also. (e.g Dropbox, Skydrive, Google driver, ftp sprite free)
(4)Email: email at most 2.9 hours long recording with low quality settings.
(5)Export to Photo Album(require iOS 6 or later)
(6)Export to Facebook(require iOS 6 or later)
(7)Export all recordings to Google Drive
(8)Auto backup original recordings to your Google Drive.
Login your Google account in the app’s setting page, then all original recordings will backup to Google Drive automatically via WiFi when the app is in use(recording, playing, or be shown on the screen). This feature make your recordings extremely safe.
It will greatly decrease the chances of lose important recordings because of the following reasons:
(a)Regret after deletion.
(b)iPhone/iPad is broken/stolen.
(c)Someone else(e.g. your nephew, your son) delete the app in misoperation or restore iPhone/iPad in misoperation.
Maybe you think these chances are rare, but we truly receive emails for help in these awkward situation every week!

Professional users can ADDITIONALLY purchase($2.99) an upgrade pack to get the following extra functions:
(1)Support more samplerate
(2)Support more bitdepth
(3)Monitoring support (Monitoring with headset when recording)
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