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Where's My Candy® - Zhangming Ltd.
Where's My Candy® - Zhangming Ltd.
明 张
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Where's My Candy® - Zhangming Ltd.
Where's My Candy® - Zhangming Ltd. (View in iTunes)
Developer: 明 张
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$69.99 Ultimate Package (70%off!)
$9.99 Unlock The Dragon Warrior
$7.99 Unlock Ghost Warrior
$29.99 Unlock Invincible Warrior
$0.99 Unlock The Sky
$0.99 Unlock the Invisible Wall
$0.99 Lollipop X2
$49.99 Welcome package (50%off!)
$0.99 Unlock the Ghost Island
$0.99 Unlock the Castle
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★ MORE THAN 200,000 Users★

What is Dragon Warrior's favorite?
Kung Fu? Bamboo? Tigeress? – NOOOO... It’s Candy!

Joy is a cute panda who live in Bamboo Village. He prefers candy rather than bamboo. One day, someone has stolen his candy away. Suddenly, Joy turns into Dragon Warriors with magic power to look for candies. Guide Joy to find candies in Classic, Dragon Warrior, Invincible and Ghost four control modes. Chomp all of the candies to achieve the next stage. Earn stars to go for high scores and high levels! You can dodge pesky spiders by calling puppets to weaken spiders and eat candies up!

1. Four main characters with different super powers, plus the ability to call puppets.
2. Tons of interesting props that can change everything in an instance.
3. The unique items collected that bring more fun.
4. Fascinating styles of level designs that are full of challenges.
5. Many levels of achievements challenging your luck and strength.
6. Adorable graphics and easy operation. Well-suited for everyone.

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