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Smash Your Food HD
Smash Your Food HD
Octave Media International, LLC
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Smash Your Food HD
Smash Your Food HD (View in iTunes)
Developer: Octave Media International, LLC
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Watch your kids SMASH a burger, CRUSH a milkshake, EXPLODE a soda and POUND a pizza, all this fun while learning about nutrition!

★ Winner in Michelle Obama's "Apps for Healthy Kids national competition! ★
★ Featured on the TODAY SHOW ★
★ Red Ribbon Award and Top 10 App by Apps 4 Kids ★
★ Endorsed and Rated 5 STARS by Famingo ★

Smash your food ★★★★★
I think this game is fun and educational. You never realize how much bad food we eat! This helps our young children learn why they can't eat a lot of junk food. Also it is fun to smash the food!

Fun and educational!! - ★★★★★
Our daughter loves this game!! She's 5 and it has been very entertaining and she's learning about food! great job to the developers!!

Too good - ★★★★★
This app does too good of a job 4 me. I'm 18 and I love to eat every type of they smash but now I have to stop before I take that first bite. Thanks a lot food n me... : p

Makes me laugh and cry - ★★★★★
Love to see and hear the food being smashed has me laughing, then my wife comes over to see what the fuss is about and she's laughing too. Of course hard to deal with the sad reality of some of my fav foods.

Awesome!! - ★★★★★
Great game!! Really fun for the kids! Add more levels please!! :)

"Choose a food, guess the amount of sugar, salt and oil it contains, then SMASH it and watch the bad stuff accumulate to see if you were right. It's surprisingly satisfying." - The Huffington Post

Do your children really know how much sugar, salt and oil there is in foods they consume? Do you?

SMASH Your Food is a fun way for kids to learn about ‘commonly abused’ foods that contribute to excessive calorie consumption. A guessing game bursting with realism and surprise, SMASH Your Food uses HD video and real sound effects (“plink”, “tchh-tchh”, “glop”) – creating lasting impressions!

Designed for children aged 5 to 12 - Enjoyed by children of all ages!

• Choose from 40 foods to SMASH, on 5 levels – from doughnuts and burgers to full meals!
• High definition video - Yes, we did do this to real food!
• Vivid sound effects – you can actually hear every squish, glop, fizz and pop!
• CRAZY FOOD! Unlock stacks of Crazy Food for even messier splats – there are 10 of these in the game!
• A compelling, fun way for children to get important health information while having a blast, and —there’s no mess to cleanup!
• Personalized nutrition tips and advice are emailed to parents as their children master each level.

To learn more about FoodN'Me and our goal of educating children about healthy eating habits, visit our website at or visit us on Facebook at
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