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iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection
iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection
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iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection
iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection (View in iTunes)
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** Reached #1 Book in Spain, Mexico, France, Argentina and Belize!
** #1 App in
** "iPoe is of such high quality that it underscores the strength of Poe’s material."
** "This is Poe the way he should be presented to new audiences: haunting, cautionary, and brilliant."

Rediscover Edgar Allan Poe as you've never imagined! iPoe is a new concept where music, illustration and interactivity combine to invite you to dive into the darkest corner of the human soul.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Reading this App I see, hear and feel Poe's stories. It really gives me the shivers! :-)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The App is brilliant! I love it!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Never have I read a book while being this immersed in the story. The animations, music and font of the text on beautiful pages are very well put together to bring you the ultimate experience. I wish all books in the future would be this well put together. Thank you for making this app!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The illustration was beyond amazing and the animations enhanced the stories beyond belief.




♦♦♦ FEATURES ♦♦♦

In the XIX century Edgar Allan Poe was ahead of his time and captured the terror and darkness of the human soul, in each of his stories, as no one had ever done. Rediscover his work with iPoe, the Interactive and Illustrated Collection of Edgar Allan Poe with which you will find the difference between an electronic book and a total interactive experience exploring all capabilities of the iPad and iPad 2. Get shrouded in shadows and dive into the dark work of the master of horror through some of his best stories:

♦ The Oval Portrait
♦ The Tell-Tale Heart
♦ Annabel Lee
♦ The Masque of the Red Death


✓ Fully illustrated by David Garcia Forés.
✓ Interactive elements and animations that bring the stories to life.
✓ Original soundtrack created by Teo Grimalt.
✓ Texts in 3 languages​​: English, Spanish and French.
✓ Includes Edgar Allan Poe’s biography.
✓A collection of the illustrator’s sketches.

Prepare to savour the fear through a unique experience! Download iPoe Collection, the ultimate Edgar Allan Poe experience.



We are working on an update to improve iPoe Collection to the Retina display hi-res graphics. We'll release it soon. Thanks.
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