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The Vow- Diamond Engagement Rings Finder
The Vow- Diamond Engagement Rings Finder
simon cohen
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The Vow- Diamond Engagement Rings Finder
The Vow- Diamond Engagement Rings Finder (View in iTunes)
Developer: simon cohen
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A Vow is a binding promise made from one person to another to share their lives together forever. These words of commitment are replaced with a ring, forever reminding each other of the promise they made on their wedding day.

With this app you will find the perfect engagement ring to forever remind you of the vow that is made to your loved one. Browse through styles of engagement rings that are as unique as your love and share with friends and family to get their opinions. Other features of this app are:

-Browse through a large selection of unique engagement ring styles

-View each ring up close in Hi-Def 3D images

-See each ring in either 18K White or Yellow Gold

-Zoom in and turn rings at your own pace to view from every angle

-View rings on a human hand, leaving little to the imagination

-See detailed information about each style

-Sign up for e-mail notifications to receive special offers

-Send your favorite ring to friends and family through text message or e-mail to get their opinions

-Share the app with someone you know who might be looking for the perfect ring

-Get a price quote on the ring you love

-Learn the important factors to consider when purchasing an engagement ring with our Engagement Ring Buyer's Guide

-Once you have found the perfect ring, view contact information on how to see the ring in person
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