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Burner - Disposable Phone Numbers
Burner - Disposable Phone Numbers
Ad Hoc Labs, INC
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Burner - Disposable Phone Numbers
Burner - Disposable Phone Numbers (View in iTunes)
Developer: Ad Hoc Labs, INC
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$1.99 3 Credit Pack
$4.99 8 Credit Pack
$11.99 25 Credit Pack
$7.99 15 Credit Pack
$1.99 Subscription Burner
$1.99 Extend Subscription
$3.99 30 Day, 100 minute Burner
Burner helps keep your personal phone number more private and secure. Make calls and send texts from Burner phone numbers you control. Get as many numbers as you’d like, and burn any number, any time. Earn free credits for inviting your friends!

Named one of TIME Magazine's Top 50 Apps of 2013 and featured in Wired, Engadget, BoingBoing, Uncrate, Lifehacker, and many more.

Use Burner just like your regular phone number. All burners include:
• Incoming and outgoing voice calls
• Incoming and outgoing SMS
• Voicemail

Burner is perfect any time you want to keep in touch, but may not want to give out your private, personal number. It's ideal for:
• Craigslist
• Job searches
• Dating
• Business cards
• Short-term projects
• Social networks (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.)

What our users are saying:

"Great app to have!"

"Best all time app…hands down."

"You guys this app is amazing! Perfect and original, especially if you don't want strangers to have your real number. A+++++"

IMPORTANT: Not for iPad or iPod Touch. Phone calls use cell phone minutes. Burners are not free -- please review our pricing before purchasing. Area code availability varies. May not work with SMS shortcode services. No MMS. Not for 911 emergency services. Works in US and Canada only. Not available in Puerto Rico.


• Calls forward to and use your phone line (and cellular minutes)
• Text messages do not use your phone's SMS allowance
• Use credits to buy various types of Burners and extensions to Burners
• Burners can be extended, but only prior to their expiration.
• When you burn a number, it goes out of service and is deleted from your phone immediately.
• Burner numbers cannot be recovered.
• Burner numbers do not support MMS.
• Not for 911 or emergency calls.


In addition to your free sample burner, you can buy credits to create different types of Burner numbers.

Cost of credits:
• 3 Credits = $1.99
• 8 Credits = $4.99
• 15 Credits = $7.99
• 25 Credits = $11.99

You can use these credits to create new Burners, or extend existing ones so they don’t expire.

• For more information see Privacy Policy ( and Terms of Use (
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