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Zombie Zoo
Zombie Zoo (View in iTunes)
Developer: RedFish, Inc
Game Center: Yes
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In-App Purchases
$0.99 Pocket of Bucks
$0.99 Pocket of Coins
$1.99 Jar of Bucks
$1.99 Jar of Coins
$3.99 Large Pot of Bucks
$29.99 Whole Lot of Bucks
$3.99 Large Pot of Coins
$5.99 Bag of Bucks
$19.99 Van of Coins
$14.99 Coffer of Bucks
Welcome to the world’s FIRST Zombie Zoo! Step into the shoes of a scientist and zoo owner, BREED animals to create scary ZOMBIES, cross-breed them to come up with unique MONSTERS!


* BREED and CROSS-BREED unique species
* Repair and master the ZOMBIE MACHINE to create new zombies
* Collect the pieces of lost recipes to create ZOOBIES
* DECORATE the Zoo with trees, paths, flowers, columns and benches
* Build attractions, buy TV and Internet ads to attract more visitors
* EXPAND your Zoo to have more Animals, Zombies and Zoobies
* Reach NEW experience LEVELS and unlock new species
* COMPARE your Zoo with the ones of your Facebook friends and compete for the title of the ‘The scariest Zombie Zoo in the World’
* NON LINEAR SCENARIO, unexpected twists in the plot
* Invite your FRIENDS from Facebook, Twitter or email to play Zombie Zoo
* VISIT your friends' Zoo
* Daily and weekly deals
* New features and story lines are coming!

Time to start a new adventure. Uncover the truth behind the Zombie Machine and your uncle's inventions. Build the world's first Zombie Zoo!