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Take Aim at Big Oil - Tap Tap Slap for 3 Times the Revenge!
Take Aim at Big Oil - Tap Tap Slap for 3 Times the Revenge!
Zero Cool
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Take Aim at Big Oil - Tap Tap Slap for 3 Times the Revenge!
Take Aim at Big Oil - Tap Tap Slap for 3 Times the Revenge! (View in iTunes)
Developer: Zero Cool
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Tired of oil companies polluting the planet and then making excuses? Well now you can do something about it! That's right! With this app, you finally have a voice! You don't have to listen to cockamamie excuses any longer!

In this app, you have the ability to tell it like it is! Every time you hear a silly excuse from the oil CEO, grab an oily fish from the water and hurl it right back at him! Yes! You heard right! You get to throw fish at the CEO!

You're standing in front of a polluted gulf, and there, right in front of you, is the CEO of the oil company that caused this mess. And he's rattling off every excuse in the book. Some of them are laughable - even downright pathetic!

Well, you already know how to fix that! After every excuse, swipe your finger across the screen to throw an oily fish at him- maybe that will knock some sense into him! He's really talking a lot of nonsense though, so make sure you have the finger stamina to keep flinging the fish back!

Can you fight the nonsense?

Just making sure you're still here. Download the app! It's FREE!

(This app is for entertainment purposes only. Does not actually cure cancer, unfortunately.)
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