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Super Slots™
Super Slots™
TinyCo, Inc.
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Super Slots™
Super Slots™ (View in iTunes)
Developer: TinyCo, Inc.
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 Scoop of Cherries
$1.99 Scoop of Coins
$4.99 Bunch of Coins
$4.99 Bunch of Cherries
$19.99 Pile of Coins
$9.99 Basket of Coins
$4.99 Wagon of Triple Boosters
$9.99 Basket of Cherries
$19.99 Pile of Cherries
$6.99 Bundle of Goods
iEQMS works with Qualsys’ EQMS solutions to manage documentation that supports compliance with Business Standards and Regulations. The simple to use iEQMS App provides secure access to the critical documentation held in your organisation’s EQMS system.

Qualsys iEQMS App for iPhone and iPad gives you access to your EQMS system and assure compliance, even on the move. Your team accesses accurate, up-to-date documents and processes wherever they might be. Customers and business partners witness tangible evidence of best-practice business controls in presentations and meetings. You improve the efficiency, productivity and confidence of staff out in the field.

1. Simple, easy to use interface
2. Download information specific to your role
3. Search and view documents
4. Load new documents
5. Acknowledge, review, approve and issue new documents.

1. Find and access the most up-to-date information quickly and easily wherever you are
2. Enjoy total confidence in the accuracy and integrity of documents
3. Work compliantly wherever you are
4. No duplication of effort – record actions once wherever you are
5. Maximise compliance and minimise errors
6. Work efficiently and cost-effectively
7. Speed and efficiency translates into significant competitive advantage


The demonstration version of iEQMS for iPhone can be downloaded here. This contains a full set of demonstration data and documents. To link your iEQMS App to your own EQMS application please contact Qualsys Limited on +44 (0)114 282 3338 or at You will need EQMS version 6.02 or later.

If you do not have EQMS in your organisation you can use the demonstration system for evaluation. Contact Qualsys through the iEQMS App if you require an EQMS system for your organisation.

For help with deploying your iEQMS App please contact
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