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Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow
Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow
Ballista Media
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Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow
Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow (View in iTunes)
Developer: Ballista Media
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Timeline World War 2 is a definitive history of the Second World War, presented by broadcaster Robert MacNeil.

#1 rated reference app in US, UK, Ireland, Brazil

The app's features include:

- A stunning zoomable timeline of the entire war, with 2000 events, filterable to show key personalities, battles, locations and more (close to 1000 of these focus on the war in the South Pacific)
- Over 100 contemporary US and British Pathé newsreel videos, with full AirPlay support, many with commentary by Robert MacNeil
- Eight part documentary on the War in the Pacific.
- A detailed day-by-day view of the war, showing the full detail and location for every key event
- Use the search function to quickly find key events
- A map of the war, showing invasions, occupations, allegiances, fronts and country boundary changes – the only such timeline map anywhere in the world
- On This Day feature, showing topical events from this day in history

USA Today
"Timeline World War 2 is a fantastic way to teach eager minds the course of the conflict....Worth the buy? Absolutely. Even if you're not a World War II buff, it never hurts to learn about the past."

"Timeline World War 2 stands out with features that put history in is absolutely gorgeous...Features like a scrollable map, updated audio for newsreel footage, and day-by-day layout of information...create an app that really stands apart."

TUAW App Review
"Timeline WW2 offers museum-quality app interaction...It's a groundbreaking application in that it fully realizes the museum experience, providing a nuanced exploration of a huge amount of data.....for any fan of the History Channel-style documentaries, this is sure to be a perfect gift or self indulgence. It's beautiful, it's expansive, and it's a great demonstration of what the iPad can do at its best." - 'Editor's Choice'
A stunning yet simple audio-visual tour of the last great Global conflict......Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil is like owning a private, comprehensive WWII museum where the docent and permanent collection are beyond compare. History buffs and students should grab it with no hesitation.

5 Stars - Apps for Kids
This app is absolutely stunning...It is more costly than most of the apps in my collection, but it is worth the price.

History Buffs Will Love Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil.....This is a fantastic learning aid, and well worth the price for students.....This is the perfect app for anyone who is interested in military history.
It’s a beautifully-designed demonstration of the iPad’s powers as a publishing platform for nonfiction.....This reader, for one, found it a vivid and immersive exploration of a defining event in modern history.

The New Yorker Magazine
'Digital pick' May 3rd

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