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FlitsService Nederland - CamSam - Eifrig Media
FlitsService Nederland - CamSam - Eifrig Media
Eifrig Media
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FlitsService Nederland - CamSam - Eifrig Media
FlitsService Nederland - CamSam - Eifrig Media (View in iTunes)
Developer: Eifrig Media
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CamSam turns your iPhone into the perfect speed camera alert system! Receive mobile speedcam alerts in real time and be warned against all fixed speed cameras worldwide.

Install CamSam for free now and be part of the large community of over 5 million participants all over the world. The CamSam app is an aid to safer driving and aims to reduce the risk of obtaining speeding penalties.


★★★★★ Overview of functions ★★★
+ Real time alerts of mobile speed cameras, 100% legal
+ More than 50,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from no. 1 source
+ Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
+ Automatic updates every 5 minutes
+ Visual and acoustic warnings
+ Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
+ Simple alert function
+ Online/offline mode
+ Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
+ Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

CamSam is a self-contained Speed and Red Light Camera warning system. Whilst you drive, it provides audible and visual warnings as you approach speed camera locations, using data from the renowned, the number one Speed Camera Database in the world. CamerAlert utilises directional information to reduce the number of false alerts, you are only warned of cameras that are relevant to your direction of travel.

★★★★★ Supported speed camera types ★★★★★
- Fixed safety cameras
- Mobile safety camera locations
- Average speed camera zones (SPECS)
- Black-spot areas
- Gatso, Truvelo aso.
- Red light cameras

The most accurate camera locator now available on iPhone. CamSam fully supports multitasking so you can run it in combination with your preference of Navigation App.

★★★★★ System requirements ★★★★★
- iOS > 4.2
- Internet access for online updates (flat rate recommended)

The continuous use of GPS whilst driving will reduce iPhone battery life. It is therefore recommended to charge your iPhone whilst in use.
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