No Zombies Allowed
No Zombies Allowed
Booyah, Inc.
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No Zombies Allowed
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Developer: Booyah, Inc.
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Zombie hordes are looking to take over and munch on survivors. It’s up to YOU to save your town. Start by recruiting survivors and building up your town. And remember…NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED!

No Zombies Allowed has lots of cool, free features.

✓ Build an awesome town full of fun and quirky houses and businesses
✓ Fend off zombies at the gate and clear the way for survivors
✓ Match survivors’ personality traits with businesses for a bonus
✓ Search for supplies from real world locations
✓ Upgrade your weapons and battle zombies
✓ Earn rewards for completing mini-missions and tasks

Download now and show the zombies who’s running things here!

We hope you enjoy No Zombies Allowed, brought to you by the people behind My Town 2, My Town Animals, and Early Bird. For any questions, problems or suggestions please email
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