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Storie Favole Miti e Leggende
Storie Favole Miti e Leggende
Carmela Torelli
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Storie Favole Miti e Leggende
Storie Favole Miti e Leggende (View in iTunes)
Developer: Carmela Torelli
Game Center: No
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$0.99 Masters of the Stars (Complete collection)
$0.99 Jupiter, King of the gods
Launch “Stories, Sagas, Myths and Legends” by Carmela Torelli

This application evolved from my wish to write tales for children, tales which give young readers of many countries the chance to get to know significant historical figures; the chance to read stories from the diverse cultures and regions of our planet; and to discover the myths and legends of the past.

"Stories, Sagas, Myths, and Legends" helps parents with a selection of texts that can be read in the evening, while travelling or in free time with their children or just for themselves.
With the collection Stories, Sagas, Myths, and Legends I hope to offer to my young readers exciting and engaging entertainment.
At the same time I am trying to give them information about the world we live in and the historical and legendary characters that have played important roles in our cultural history.

Last year she wrote "Vite da favole" published by Einaudi ragazzi, historical biographies of the great Kings for young readers.
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