SkinSwitch for Minecraft
SkinSwitch for Minecraft
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SkinSwitch for Minecraft
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SkinSwitch is the easiest tool to switch between your Minecraft skins that can exist!

Just add all the skins you want to use in your Minecraft game in the app by a simple process; it only takes a few seconds. You can add them by downloading them from existing users or by their URL.

Then, enjoy your skins! They all appear on the home page of the app. Just click a single button corresponding to the skin you want to wear: BAM, it's uploaded on, and everybody can now see it in-game!

*** HOW TO ADD A SKIN! ***

1- Click the settings icon and fill in your Minecraft account credentials (don't worry, they're stored with love!)
2- Close the settings window, and click "+" on the main screen.
3- Choose wether you want to save a skin that someone is already wearing, one that you found on the Internet ("from an URL"), or if you want to search for something new directly from the app.
4- Type the username, URL, or search for a skin you like, respectively.
5- Choose a name for the save of your skin ("Banana" can be an awesome name for a banana costume, for example) and a description, if you wish.
6- Click next, and let the magic happen.


- You can NOT change your skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition at the moment. It MAY be possible somehow in the future, but NOT at the moment.
- It does NOT change your skin on the Xbox 360 Edition either. There are other official ways to do this.
- This is ONLY for the desktop version of the game, and when you're using your account.


- "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang AB.
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