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Storm Shield
Storm Shield
E.W. Scripps Company
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Storm Shield
Storm Shield (View in iTunes)
Developer: E.W. Scripps Company
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$3.99 Justice League (2011-) #12
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$0.99 Smallville Season 11 #15
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Storm Shield is a life-saving app that acts like a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio on your iPhone. Receive critical alerts via voice and push notification regarding life-threatening weather events.


"Just wanted to let you know how valuable Storm Shield was during the Castle Rock hail storm a few weeks ago... During the roughest part of the storm I was constantly getting push messages to my iPhone and iPad... Thanks for developing this amazing app!"

- Joe C.

"...My phone woke me up around 11:45 to tell me about the Severe Thunderstorm Warning for my area. About a minute later was the Tornado Warning... I love this app because it finds your location... GREAT APP! Someone did what was needed, well worth the small price of it!"

- Tina A.


Storm Shield uses storm-based alerts. You will only receive alerts if your current location or a saved location falls inside a NWS watch/warning box.

➤ How Alerts Work:
Storm-based alerts are more precise than county-based alerts other services use. County-based alerts can result in people at one end of a county receiving alerts for weather that will not impact them.

If you are alerted from another service, but do not get an alert from Storm Shield, check the alert type overlay on the interactive map to see if your location is actually affected.


Storm Shield is designed to make a negligible impact on your battery. The app never actually uses GPS. It uses Apple's Location Services, which can be turned on/off.

➤ Manage Your Battery Life:
Users can throttle up or down Storm Shield's Location Tracking to balance between location accuracy and battery life.

There is one known exception - iPhone 3 when running iOS 4.0+ does not honor the use of Apple's Location Services and so it will use GPS. This could result in significant battery drain. Users on iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0+ should turn off Location Services in Settings when it's not needed.


FOLLOW ME: Get alerts no matter where you are in the United States when a relevant watch or warning is issued.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Save up to FIVE additional locations to make sure friends and family at home, work, or out of state stay safe.

AUDIO: Get audio alerts (beeps followed by a brief description of the alert) that could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information when you can't stop to look at the phone.

LOCAL INFO: Storm Shield is made possible by Scripps local television stations and newspapers. If you live in a Scripps market, your app will be customized with additional local news and information to keep you ahead of the storm. Use your partner code (if provided), or search for your city or zip code, to activate local weather information in Scripps markets.

Visit our support page for FAQs and questions.
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