Jurassic Park: The Game 4 HD
Jurassic Park: The Game 4 HD
Telltale Games
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Jurassic Park: The Game 4 HD
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***EPISODE 1 FREE for a limited time!***

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A cinematic adventure 65 million years in the making!

***This app is only compatible with an iPad 2 or higher.***

Security systems have failed and the creatures of the park roam free. Now, a rogue corporation will stop at nothing to acquire the embryos stolen and lost by Dennis Nedry.

Episode 4: The Survivors
Members of the group find themselves split and swimming in treacherous waters. Prehistoric beasts hunt them from every direction, but with trust waning among a group pushed to exhaustion, it's no longer just the dinosaurs each person has to worry about.

- Takes advantage of iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor as well as AirPlay mirroring and dual-screen capabilities in iOS 5

- Experience a brand new adventure and see new areas and dinosaurs

- Set during the events of the first Jurassic Park movie



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