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Top Model Release
Catherine Hall Studios
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Developer: Catherine Hall Studios
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Top Model Release v. 1.0.5 Photographer-Crafted. Lawyer-Approved. Top Model Release is a sleek, intuitive iPhone/iPad App which allows you to create, customize, and store your essential release forms for models and property. Crafted by professional photographer Catherine Hall, Top Model Release is approved by leading U.S. copyright lawyer Bert Krages and stock agencies Getty Images and iStock Photo. Working seamlessly across your Apple devices using the latest iCloud technology, Top Model Release is the premier paperless solution for every photographer.

•Universal iPhone & iPad Native Features and Support
•Compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 3, MAC iOS 6, and iPad Mini
•Create Unlimited Number of Custom Releases to Suit Your Specific Needs
•Release Form Support in a Dozen Languages
•Import Information from Your Contacts
•Duplicate Entire Releases, Shoot or Model Info For Faster Completion
•Dropbox, Google Drive, and iBooks Integration
•Safely Share, Store and Backup Using iCloud
•Approved By Leading Copyright Lawyer Bert Krages
•Approved By Leading Stock Agencies Getty Images and iStockphoto
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