Battleship Craft - Phyzios, Inc.
Battleship Craft - Phyzios, Inc.
Phyzios, Inc.
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Battleship Craft - Phyzios, Inc.
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Developer: Phyzios, Inc.
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In-App Purchases
CHF2.00 Resource 50000
CHF5.00 Rare Metal 8
CHF5.00 Resource 130000
CHF2.00 Rare Metal 3
CHF12.00 Resource 309000
CHF12.00 Rare Metal 18
CHF10.00 Resource 260000
CHF20.00 Resource 540000
CHF10.00 Original Naval Ensign
CHF20.00 Rare Metal 32
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Twitter: @BattleshipCraft

Create your own Battleship!
In "Battleship Craft," you create your own Battleship with 3D and physics simulation, and have your Battleship in an open water ocean warfare competing against others via Ad Hoc and Game Center. Build the strongest Battleship in the world - Check out the Leader Board!

* Realistic Physics Engine
Your Battleship's performance in buoyancy, speed, durability against attacks, all depends on the parts you use. Performance is realistically simulated.

* Realtime Multi-Play
In "Battle" mode, compete against other Battleships via Ad Hoc and Game Center. You will be competing against Battleships from around the world.

* About in-game music
In-game music was provided by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force!
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