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Pop Piano (www.popiano.org) is the most popular e-network dedicating to piano arts among Chinese language users in the world. Since it's inception, the registered members, from beginning level learners to highly established professional pianists/musicians, have exceeded one million. Everyday, piano lovers surf on the Net through various forums and personal blogs to contribute to as well as to benefit from the tremendous assets of the Pop Piano Net (PPN), greatly promoting cultural values and popularity of piano music and piano playing. One of brilliant spots of the PPN is its annual piano music composition competition which continuously brings new piano pieces, original or transcribed works, into PopPiano.org's rich collection of music scores.

Now we introduce a music software package through iOS devices to piano lovers. This app transcribes digital music score files into high quality music and allows users to enjoy the music anytime and anywhere via iPhone & iPad.

Demo videos:

- True and natural piano sound: highly simulating the real piano playing technique, such as legato, staccato, and sustain effect of piano pedal.
- Music Playback Control: providing user interfaces of keys, tempo, and timing signatures during music playing to allow users to change volume, change tempo and transpose music easily in real-time.
- Provide Piano Roll view for music playback.
- Provide Album management feature to allow users to group music into different albums.
- Music resource:
Integrate with PopPiano.org's huge music score collection pool to browse through, download and enjoy.

***** Upgrade to paid version, you will get:
- Learn Mode:Allow users to choose to learn right hand part or left hand part, then follow the instruction to play the melody note by note.
- Import your music score files into music database through iTunes app document manager. Please provide OVE files to import.

流行钢琴网(www.popiano.org)是华语界首屈一指的钢琴爱好者网络社区, 目前有超过一百万的注册用户, 受众范围从初级到专业的钢琴家以及音乐家。每天, 钢琴爱好者们在论坛或博客空间交流互动, 在受惠于流行钢琴网的资源的同时, 也在为社区做出自己的贡献, 大大提升了钢琴艺术在华语世界的人气。流行钢琴网坚持原创, 在十年的时间积累了大量钢琴乐谱作品, 每年一度的钢琴创作大赛是流行钢琴网的一大盛事, 每次都涌现出大量作品。,

现在你可以在手机上欣赏流行钢琴网的钢琴音乐, 随时随地享受美妙的音乐。


- 自然真实的钢琴音色, 高度忠实钢琴乐器的专有演奏技巧, 可模仿钢琴演奏的连奏, 断奏, 并可产生踏板按下的延音混响效果。
- 乐曲播放功能, 界面中标明当前乐谱的速度, 调号, 拍号, 时间等信息。并可实时跳进, 调整音量, 改变乐曲速度, 以及轻松移调。
- 提供钢琴卷帘界面
- 用户通过专辑分类管理乐谱,可按个人喜好将乐曲放置到不同的专辑中。
- 乐曲资源:内置连接流行钢琴网的海量乐曲仓库,可以浏览搜索并下载到本地欣赏。

***** 升级到收费版本,您将获得:
- 学习模式:用户可选择右手部分或左手部分, 然后按照界面提示逐个音的学习弹奏整条旋律。
- 可通过iTunes的文档管理功能,导入已有乐曲并欣赏。(注:软件兼容ove格式的乐谱文件)
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