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Frederik Riedel
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iRedstone (View in iTunes)
Developer: Frederik Riedel
Game Center: No
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Redstone makes Minecraft even more fun and eventful as it already is - you just need to know how it works!
This app makes it possible for everyone to learn and improve your redstone-knowledge!

Become a Redstone pro and make your friends jealous with your automatic machines and farms!
You're the hero of all servers!

Thousands of screenshots and hundreds of instructions cover all fascinating areas of redstoning.

Get the famous 5-stars-rated App!

the instructions are subdivided in different categories:
• favorites
• redstone library
• basic mechanisms
• basics
• transportation
• farming
• doors & portals
• house components
• adventure-map
• defense
• command-block
• logic gates
• computer
• signal techniques
• games
• information
• add my idea

Overall you can learn anything about automatic doors, farms, sorting machines, secret hiding places, sensors, displays, traps, TNT cannons, transportation, communication, elevators, signal analysis, adventure maps…

Both instructions for beginners and for seasoned players are provided with this app - so this is perfectly suitable for any Minecraft player!

This app does also contain a full library with all minecraft redstone items and shows how to craft them.

There have been numerous updates for iRedstone in the past (take a look at the update-list below!)

these are some instructions of my app:
• fully automatic Farm
• sugar cane harvesting machine
• melon/pumpkin-farm
• fully automatic melon/pumpkin-farm
• cactus Farm
• cacao farm
• cobblestone-machine
• fully automatic bridge
• enderman farm
• obsidian machine

• fully automatic furnace
• fully automatic sorting machine

• 7-segment display
• controller for 7-segment display
• What is the binary system?
• half-adder
• full adder
• binary calculator

• simple piston elevator
• minecart elevator
• zipper-elevator

adventure maps:
• TNT trap
• desert trap
• door trap
• lava trap
• cactus trap
• landmine
• tree trap
• mega minecart-TNT bomb
• BUD chest trap
• beacon controller
• jump into darkness
• archers portal

games & fun:
• connect four
• player TNT cannon
• horse race start signal
• horse race start ramp
• talking trash can
• TNT miner

• normal TNT cannon
• fully automatic TNT cannon
• arrow TNT cannon
• anvil TNT cannon
• machine gun

additions and portals
• 3x3 piston door
• castle gate
• lava drawbridge
• sliding
• double door
• piston hallway

secret passages
• secret painting-door
• secret lava portal
• item password-door
• combination lock
• secret door
• secret staircase
• hidden double door
• hidden single door
• invisible door

• conveyor
• hopper conveyor
• item vertical-elevator

• minecart basics
• station
• minecart stopover
• minecart end

accessories for your house:
• sky water-drop
• shower
• toilet
• fridge
• trash can
• table
• crafting table hider
• rocking lamp
• night lamp
• street latern
• hooter

• x-ray vision
• 360 ° x-ray vision

Logic gates :
• What are logic gates ?
• NOT gate
• OR gate
• AND gate
• NAND gate
• NOR gate
• XOR gate
• XNOR gate

Flip Flops:
• T-flip-flop
• T-flip-flop (vertical)
• D-flip flop
• RS NOR latch
• signal strength memory

• BUD switch
• BUD flip flop

Signal technologies
• fill-level indicator
• daylight sensor
• string communication
• wireless redstone communication
• upwiring & downwiring
• signal strength analysis
• signal strength memory
• signal-length-heightener
• signal-length-shortener

• what is a command block?
• Various examples with explanation
• Listing of all common command block commands
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