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Woozzle HD
Woozzle HD (View in iTunes)
Developer: Lukas Korba
Game Center: Yes
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Celebrate with us. Year 2013 is year of Mugeaters. Stay tuned.

Woozzle HD is puzzle-logic game for iOS devices. Lot of hours of fun, from easy levels to brain-teasing mazes with special features and amazingly balanced gameplay. All gift-wrapped in beautiful graphics. Meet Woozzle HD, a new world of crazy marbles. Discover and learn key principles of the game to pass each level.

Woozzle HD brings almost all new levels. It's not "scaled-up" copy of Woozzle for iPhone/iPod touch.
Check also Woozzle for iPhone! 135 new levels!!!

============== Features ==============

✔ 135 different game levels
✔ Woozzle HD is "Easy to learn, Hard to master"
✔ Very nice game graphic with full Retina support
✔ Game center achievements and leaderboard integration
✔ 60 Game center achievements
✔ 9 different music themes, sounds of live jungle in your device
✔ Variable sounds for specific events
✔ Color blind mode
✔ Level editor (will be available in future release)

✔ Level editor preview video:

============== Reviews ==============

★★★★★ - "Great graphics, awesome sound, and a very pleasant game experience."

★★★★☆ - "Don’t expect an easy title or one dependent on luck, this is an intelligent puzzle game well worth your attention."

★★★★☆ - "If you’re after a laid-back puzzler, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than Woozzle. It’s beautiful and challenging."

★★★★☆ - "If you’re an action puzzle fan, or generally appreciate the wider puzzle genre, Woozzle is as close to a must-have title as it gets."

★★★★☆ -"This game is masterfully put together to bring a steady dose of fresh techniques and puzzles coming at you at all times."

★★★★★ - "With its 60 levels of crisp graphics, smooth sounds and excellent gameplay, it will make the ideal weekend app."

★★★★☆ - A great pickup for fans of logic puzzle titles.

★★★★★ - "Mugeaters offers one of the best marble-based gaming experiences to ever hit the iPhone." - "Woozzle is the perfect game for the intelligent gamer who likes a good challenge and wants a lot of bang for their buck." - "If you are a game lover especially puzzle games, then this app is a much recommended one to kill your time."


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