Pimp My Keyboard! Pro
Pimp My Keyboard! Pro
Fung Yi Chan
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Pimp My Keyboard! Pro
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Developer: Fung Yi Chan
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With this Color Texting app you can design Color Text Messages that are cute / cool / funky or whatever style you can imagine! You will be able to send these messages directly in your email or favorite messaging apps.

It also comes with dozens of new keyboard designs that you can use while composing your messages. You will surely find one that suits your taste to do SMS / Texting with.

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDs or whoever that is looking at your iPhone / iPad screen.

Key Features
* Pimp My Keyboard - Choose different Colors, Styles, Textures
* Change background color.
* Change Text size and color.
* Send directly in email / iMessage / MMS
* Full featured Notes Editor
* Traditional qwerty.
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