Fairy Tails
Fairy Tails
TiniDream Studios
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Fairy Tails
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Developer: TiniDream Studios
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 55 Fairy Dust
$0.99 Tiny Bit of Gold
$0.99 Tiny Bit of Food
$4.99 135 Fairy Dust
$1.99 Bag of Food
$4.99 Bucket of Gold
$1.99 Bag of Gold
$4.99 Bucket of Food
$9.99 285 Fairy Dust
$9.99 Pile of Food
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Play Fairy Tails & raise your own AMAZING animals to attract MAGICAL FAIRIES!
Ever seen a Boxing Kangaroo or Dancing Monkey? Breed and find dozens of such Fun/Exotic animals, and create the most beautiful forest! Try breeding different types of animals to find the rarest animals, such as unicorns and lion for FREE!

Download now and Play the game for FREE!

★ Collect Dozens of different animals!
★ Grow the animals and watch them do fun tricks!
★ Breed animals to discover new exotic animals!
★ Enter animals to play fun mini-games in the Arena for a chance to win cool prizes everyday!
★ Beautiful Graphics and animation!
★ Decorate your forest with buildings, habitats and cool decorations!
★ Have Cool Fairies Visit your forest and drop you fun surprises!
★ Visit your neighbors to collect goodies and then show off your cool forest!

Can you guess what you'll get when you breed....

Woody Giraffe + Smiling Camel = ???
Angry Bear + Flying Elephant = ???
Ballerina Flamingo + Boxing Kangaroo = ???

Please Note: Fairy Tails is completely free to play game, but some items can be purchased for real money. Fairy Tail also requires an internet connection to play.

**You must have at least iPod 3/iPhone 3 to play.**

Thanks for playing!
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