Animal Mall Free - Best Pet Shopping Game
Animal Mall Free - Best Pet Shopping Game
Kayabit LLC
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Animal Mall Free - Best Pet Shopping Game
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Developer: Kayabit LLC
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You can build an AMAZING mall while helping out the cutest animals!

In Animal Mall you'll have the chance to create a mall on a magical island. Every day you check in to add and restock stores, hire employees, add cool decorations and take care of your animal friends!

Animal Mall features:

○ Thousands of different girl, boy and baby animals to build a mall for including Pandas, Elephants, Squirrels and more!
○ Choose from over 40 mall shops, restaurants, pet shops, music stores and more!
○ Restock stores and hire animal employees to help you out
○ Pick up trash to keep the mall clean!
○ Level up stores to have even more cool things to sell
○ Bookmark and help your friends by restocking their stores
○ Decorate your mall with statues, fountains and more!
○ You can even build parks for your animal friends!

NOTE: You'll need an internet connection to play Animal Mall. If you are using an iPod touch you'll need to have wifi access. Also, Animal Mall is completely free to play but users can also purchase items inside the game. You can disable this feature in the settings by turning off "in app purchases".

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