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PC HUD - Remote Computer Performance Monitor
PC HUD - Remote Computer Performance Monitor (View in iTunes)
Developer: Mark Bridges
Game Center: No
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PC HUD gives you real time performance graphs of your computer’s processor and memory usage.

As you’re using your computer have your iOS device act like a second screen displaying up-to-the-second utilization information.

The graphs slide smoothly across the screen, work in any orientation and are customizable with different themes and layout options, displaying information for memory and up to 8 cores. PC HUD can wirelessly monitor any computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

The PC HUD app requires the PC HUD application to be installed on any computer you wish to monitor. This is a tiny, free application which is available from Apart from installing the application, no configuration is required; the application runs silently on your computer and connections between the iDevice and computer are made automatically.

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