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Wizard Academy
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Wizard Academy
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2000 years ago, a world filled with wizards was once cloaked in darkness by an ultimate evil.

The Frost Queen froze the entire world with her dark magic. None of the wizards were her match or able to defeat her.

At the dawn of this devastation, a supreme Grand Master Wizard rose from the darkness! He fought countless bouts and finally sealed the queen into a timeless zone.

The world of wizard's original glow was restored. Although no one knew the where about of the hero, the world of wizards built several academies to train new generations of wizards to protect themselves against new evils.

Rumor spread that every 2000 years, the seal will weaken and the frost queen may break through in an attempt to rise to power, and claim vengeance....

You are destined to be a savor! Play as the new principal of Wizard Academy to manage this giant pool of talented wizards and put an end to this ultimate evil!

Wizard Academy game features:
-Manage and simulate student progress through 3 years of intensive wizard training school!
-Student wizards have their own attributes and a dream career to be fulfilled!
-50 Quests with invasion system that puts your wizard world at stake!
-Build up to 70 facilities with 5 beautiful levels of wizard academy castle!
- Fight amongst 200+ other schools to be the top academy!

Please visit our fan page! Share your strategies, castle screenshots and user experience here! --- http://www.facebook.com/WizardAcademyGame

***For inquiries about this app, please contact us at: support@basaltgames.com***
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