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Stop-tabac (View in iTunes)
Developer: Universite de Geneve
Game Center: No
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This application helps you to quit smoking!

Developed by experts in smoking cessation at the University of Geneva, it offers you free, personalized advice.

Once you create a profile you will receive regular messages, as if you had a personal coach to help you quit!
On the main page you can view your list of benefits in the blink of an eye: always useful for staying motivated.
You can also have fun collecting awards and trophies related to quitting smoking or using this application.
Finally, seek support from your friends and family. You can assign yourself a "sponsor" to call in emergencies and share any messages you like (such as advice, awards, and trophies) on your Facebook wall.

Main Features:
- Explore the advantages of quitting smoking and define your personal motivations.
- Identify your main obstacles to quitting and obtain advice for overcoming them.
- Set a quit date and receive regular messages generated in accordance with your profile.
- View your benefits on various calculators (cigarettes avoided, life expectancy gained, money saved, number of days since you quit).
- Motivate yourself by creating a purchase goal to buy with the savings you make.
- Access advice when you have cravings.
- Find tips to relieve your withdrawal symptoms.
- Assign yourself a sponsor and share your successes on Facebook.
- Collect awards and trophies as the days go on...
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