2012 Map: The Presidential Election App
2012 Map: The Presidential Election App
Cory Renzella
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2012 Map: The Presidential Election App
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Developer: Cory Renzella
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2012 Map is “The Election App”.

With this app you can create, save, and share 2012 presidential election scenarios in a simple and easy way.

It includes “Live” maps that are updated daily with the newest polling data; “Historical” maps that detail every election, from 1789 through 2008; and a “New” blank map that you can customize from scratch.

In presidential elections, it’s the electoral vote that matters. That vote is determined by the states each candidate wins, and from 1789 – 2012, from George Washington to – well, we’ll see! – 2012 Map will keep you connected to the presidential election.

That’s why 2012 Map is “The Election App”.


- A “Live” map is updated daily to give you the best estimate of what will happen on November 6.

- “Historical” maps show you every presidential election result and include notes for each election.

- Tap states to change their colors (red, blue, or gray, with light red and blue “leaning” colors, and green “3rd Party” color).

- Touch states for one second to see their details (e.g., percentages for each candidate, electoral votes, previous winners).

- Share your scenario with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail! See if your friends agree, disagree, or have their own scenarios!
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